“I was impressed by the organization and clarity of [Leslie’s] presentation. I thought the mixture of media was great, and aside from a few technical glitches (I think) was as good as I have seen on our Zoom platform.”

Liam Atchison, Ph.D. | Academic Vice President, Global Scholars

“Leslie did a great job making the session a safe place to discuss some tough issues.”

Tiffany Gibson, American living in Germany, Working with Global Scholars, July 2017

What teens say: LeslieJohnson_Square_09

  • (It) helped me realize how to be a leader who is culturally aware.
  • It made me realize the value and necessity of learning about and understanding
    cultures (to better resolve conflict.)
  • I learned to consider other people’s background when I interact with them.
    (In) understanding there are multiple layers of culture.
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