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Developing your Cultural Intelligence
Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. It is critical in our world to learn how to develop one’s CQ in order to better love the people in our neighborhoods and churches, as well as those we work with, using diversity for strength. Having CQ helps us deal with teaching children from other countries, generational issues, and any other cross-cultural challenges we face. This topic can be introduced by the idea (1.5 hours) or in a workshop setting, help people to begin to develop their CQ.

Teaching with Cultural Intelligence
Taking the ideas of CQ, we will apply them to being effective teachers, as well as how we can teach in a way that helps the students develop their own CQ.

Educational Hospitality: Teaching the Foreigner in our Midst
Whether people move for jobs or as refugees, there are foreigners in our schools, in our classrooms. How do we best serve those children (and their parents) to help them become successful in their new educational setting? We talk about what those children will look like, emotions they may struggle with, and how we as educators can best help them be successful using some internet tools.

Biblical View of Education
What does it mean to be a Christian teacher? How should we look at our purpose of education, our students, ourselves, our curriculum? How does a Christian teacher apply the Bible to everything in and out of the classroom? This workshop talks about these issues, grappling with integrating faith and learning. (Teachers in both public and Christian schools can apply this thinking.)

Additional Seminars:
Who is Our Neighbor – Our Call to Hospitality
Cross Cultural Transitions
Reconciliation: How do We Love People who Disagree with Us?
Effective Governance:
Achieving School board and Administrator Health
Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers
Shalom: Sharing God’s Peace with the Foreigners We Meet
Leading with a Limp: Leading from a Place of Humility
Hospitality with Humility Across Cultural Barriers
Student-centered Spiritual Formation

Additionally, Leslie is always open to developing talks that fit into your conference, retreat, or event.

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