How can Cultural Intelligence help you?

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, can help:

  • Teachers
    • learn more about their students’ backgrounds and teach in a way that communicates to those children;
    • learn to teach in a way that helps the students develop empathy and sensitivity to people of other cultures;
    • develop CQ in the students;
    • help the parents from different cultures navigate the dominant culture in the school.
  • Pastors and Church members
    • Understand and reach out to the different cultures within their communities;
    • Help their congregation grow unity within the diversity in their midst;
    • Care for the refugees and other people in need in their region.
  • Business people
    • Use diversity on teams for strength;
    • Work well with people and customers from different countries;
  • Everyone
    • manage conflict and communication within their sphere of influence;
    • learn to listen to develop a deeper sense of community.
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