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Helping people develop their “cultural intelligence is Leslie’s passion. Cultural Intelligence or CQ is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. Whether you are a teacher with immigrants in class, a church reaching across racial divides, a missionary moving to a new culture, or a teenager trying to make a difference in the neighborhood, CQ is essential!

Combining education and cross-cultural experience and ministry, Leslie is poised to help others grow in understanding people from diverse situations. Leslie received her Masters of Education from Covenant College and served as the head of school of the Christian International School of Prague for over 11 years. She is currently a Faculty Care Associate for Global Scholars, assisting families with their educational needs, and an Educational Consultant in Europe for the Association of Christian Schools International working in multiple countries.

A wife of 40 years, Leslie has three children who were educated through a combination of home schooling, Christian school attendance, and Czech national school attendance. Now grown and married, her children have given Leslie four wonderful grandchildren. Leslie’s husband, Tom Johnson, is a writer, theologian, and specialist in religious freedom issues. They have lived in Germany, Belarus, and the Czech Republic.

Leslie’s speaking, training, and school assessments have taken her to:

The Netherlands
United States of America





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